The Top Hawaiian Snack and Candy Brands

There are many reasons one would like to visit Hawaii. These could be for the surfing experience, the sandy beaches and weather or it could be for the Hawaiian food. Here are five awesome brands you should consider trying, you do not have to be in Hawaii to experience the Aloha Spirit.

Tomoe Brand

Tomoe Brands are Taiwan made foods favorited by people in Hawaii. Their packaging is in transparent plastic with yellow vinyl. The name 'Tomoe Brand' is boldly written at the top of each pack alongside the Tomoe Brand's logo in red and yellow. The snacks can be found at and other stores. make your order today and enjoy the Hawaiian Rice crackers.

Tomoe brand is known for offering you a variety of Arare snacks. (Arare is a favorite Hawaiian Rice Cracker snack with a Japanese origin). You have the option of choosing from four Tomoe Brands' Arare flavors i.e. Kakidane, Premix, Sakura and Yakko. Kakidane's ingredients are rice, soy sauce, soy beans, wheat, sugar, salt, water and chili. Just like Kakidane, Sakura's ingredients also include laver, minus the chili. Yakko and Sakura are similar, only with different flavors. Premix gives an assortment of all the above. The four products are in 4Oz packs and go for a mere $2.69. All the Arares are cholesterol and fat-free, thus good for your health.

Mauna Loa

You might have heard of the Mauna Loa, it is high and beautiful. Yes, it is in Hawaii. Forget the volcanic mountain, let us ponder the snacks. Mauna Loa is a brand that manufactures a range of snacks, specifically Macadamia nuts. Options being Natural, Flavored and Chocolate Covered nuts. The Natural nuts are premium roasted with slight sea salt seasoning. If you do not like the salt, there is an option of finding an unsalted pack of Natural Macadamia nuts. If you like flavor, you can choose to have Honey Roasted, Maui Onion & Garlic, Kona Coffee Glaze or Butter Candy Glaze flavored. Rather than what you expected, The chocolate covered nuts have a wider variety, here we have the Deluxe Whole Mac Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Coconut, Milk Chocolate Toffee and Dark Chocolate.

The Macadamia nuts are packaged in various sizes with a count of nuts on the pack. The packaging of the nuts includes resealable pouches, plastic pouches and easy to open tins. The price ranges from $20 to $197, varying according to the size, packaging and type of Macadamia nuts. the explicit price catalog can be found in online stores selling the Mauna Loa products or under the online store category on the brand's website,

Enjoy Snacks

If you are out to enjoy life, enjoy quality and taste. Enjoy snacks is a Hawaiian brand that offers a variety of food and snacks. These snacks include Arare, seeds, candy and sea foods. The spoils of Arares are; Mini Nori Maki, Premium Mixed, Sakura Arare, Mix Mochi balls, Red Iso peanuts, Imperial mix, Shinagawa Maki and Wasabi peas. The seeds offered by Enjoy Snacks are Sweet, Premium Red and Red seedless Li Hing Mui Seeds. other seeds featured are Dried Lemon Peel, Li Hing Mango and Li Hing Powder. Talking of Hawaiian candy, you should try out the Enjoy Snacks' Li Hing Sour Hula Keikis, Li Hing Sour Watermelon, Li Hing Sour Apples, Li Hing Gummy Bears, Rainbow Sour Belts and Strawberry Sour Belts. Hawaii being home to seafood eaters, they enjoy the variety of Enjoy Snacks seafood. The kinds of seafood available are Shredded Tako, Shredded Ika, Smoked Squid and an assortment of seafood.

Enjoy Snacks' products can be found, if you are in Hawaii at the below-listed stores; Costco, Long Drug, Aloha Petroleum, Tamura superette and Star market. If you are not in Hawaii you can still find the snacks and candies by contacting Enjoy Snacks through the contacts given on their website here

Cookies in Paradise

Cookies in Paradise is a snack manufacturing company in Hawaii. It is known for its brands of cookies. These brands serve well in parties as they are assorted and in bite sizes.

Cookies in Paradise' products are made from best local Hawaiian ingredients. The brand boasts having unique sets of assorted snacks. Furikake Party Mix is a flagship party mix from Cookies in Paradise. It is a blend of cookies, cereals and seasonings packaged in a party size glass jar. Another interesting snack is the Macadamia Nuts shortbread cookies. This is termed as the Cookies in Paradise signature cookies. The mouth-watering bite size cookies are packaged in a tamperproof jar that ensures product freshness. Another island favorite is the Hawaiian Snowflake cookies by Cookies in Paradise. This cookie is also known as the Chinese Pretzel, It is made from fresh ingredients that produce light and sweet cookies, which are dipped into batter and dip fried. Other Cookies in Paradise products include Family party mixes, which is an assortment of The Original, Furikake, Arare, seasoning and cereals and; Suite of shortbread cookies made up of genuine Macadamia nut, Chocolate chip, Muncha Buncha and Cornflakes.

Kaimana Jerky

Kaimana Jerky is a brand that is famous for producing fish snacks (jerkies). The major Jerky bands are the Ahi Tuna and Marlin. Ahi Tuna comes in six unique flavors; Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Honey glazed, Lemon salt and Hawaiian Warrior. They all sell for $7.00 in 71g packets. The Marlin jerky flavors are Teriyaki, Taegu, Smoked, Onion Pepper and Lemon Salt. The prices and size of packaging are similar to that of Ahi Tuna Jerkies. The snacks can be found in an number of local groceries, natural foods and leading brick-and-motor stores in Hawaii.


Jade Food brand is an American manufacturing company. Jade specializes in the making of Chinese-style preserved food known as Crack Seed, which has over forty different flavors. The brand also manufactures Arare, Dried seafood, both Soft and Hard candies, Kimi Boro honey balls and Mochi Japanese rice cakes. Jade Food product can be found in local Hawaiian stores like Arco Gas station, Costco, Chevron Gas stops, Food pantry Foodland Supermarkets and KMart among others.

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