Li Hing Mui

Seedless Li Hing Mui | Photo by camknows

Li Hing Mui

Li Hing Mui, also known as the "traveling plum," is a salty plum that is often powdered and used to top a variety of items. It has a distinctly sour, salty, and sweet flavor--making it, arguably, one of the more unique flavor profiles on this site.

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Below, you will find the most popular Li Hing Mui items available right now.

#1 Seedless Li Hing Mui (Red) 7 Oz$17.99Lowest Price

No seeds, means more finger-licking goodness for you. Li Hing Mui is made from dried, salted Asian plums and is loved by Hawaiians young and old. We pack our products on the Big Island of...

#2 Jade Premium Li Hing Mui (Dried Plum) Large 18 oz...$10.99Lowest Price

Jade Brand Premium Sweet Li Hing Mui Made in Hawaii Dried plums preserved Asian style A popular local Hawaiian snack How Local Can You Get?

#3 Enjoy Li Hing Mui Sour Apples Hawaii Snacks 1 Lb....$15.40Lowest Price

Sour apple gummies are covered in Li Hing Mui (Plum) powder. A popular snack in Hawaii, sure to delight kids - big and small. This 1 lb bag will disappear in no time when you...

#4 Jade Brand Sweet Li Hing Mui 1 Pound Dried Plum...$52.99Lowest Price

This white, sweet li hing mui by Jade Foods. Made of preserved dried plum, they are sweet, salty, and sour all at the same time. They are a favorite snack and treat in Hawaii.

#5 Jade Brand 5 Packages Seedless Li Hing Mui Dried Plum...$23.99Lowest Price

This seedless li hing mui is made in Hawaii by Jade Foods. Made of preserved dried plum, they are sweet, salty, and sour all at the same time. They are a favorite snack and treat...

#6 Enjoy Li Hing Mango (6 Packages)$23.64Lowest Price

Enjoy Li Hing Mui Dried Mango. Delicious sweet mango covered with li hing mui plum powder. A oriental and hawaiian favorite. Enjoy brand from Hawaii, USA. Comes with 6/2 Ounce bags.

#7 Enjoy Hawaii Li Hing Mui Lychee Sour Belts Big Value...$14.25Lowest Price

Enjoy Li Hing Mui Lychee Sour Belts. Big Value resealable 8 oz. bag.

#8 Enjoy Hawaii Snacks Li Hing Mixed Arare Rice Crackers 8...$10.55Lowest Price

This delicious mixed arare is dusted with Li HIng powder for a savory taste. From Enjoy Hawaii Snacks. 8 oz. bag.

#9 Enjoy Hawaii Seedless Plum 8 oz. bag$12.99Lowest Price

This delicious Seedless Plum comes from Enjoy Hawaii Snacks. 8 oz. bag.

#10 Jade Sweet Li Hing Mui Red Dried Plums Made In...$19.99Lowest Price

A favorite snack in Hawaii. Sweet, sour, and salty red dried plums. Enjoy as a treat anytime. Hawaiian locals often add this to certain alcoholic drinks and is sometimes taken with tequila. Use as a...

#11 Jade Brand Li Hing Mui Snack Pack of 4 (1...$24.44Lowest Price

Four of our most popular Li Hing Mui (dried plum) products sold together. Li Hing Mui is a Hawaiian favorite, and can be used to flavor almost anything.

#13 Crack Attack Li Hing Mui Seed Gift Bag$89.99Lowest Price

For all you crack seed lovers out there, we have created the ultimate grab bag. Mouth watering and sure to satisfy, this gift set includes 17 bags of our most popular products. Comes in a...

#14 Jade Sweet Li Hing Mui Dried Plums 1.5 Ounces Made...$16.89Lowest Price

Sweet Li hing mui from Hawaii

#15 Aloha Gourmet Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum 8 Ounce$18.98Lowest Price

Eight ounce package with individually wrapped contents. A Chinese traditional food, with a succulent flavor. Preserved plum is perfect as a snack.

#16 Li hing Mui Mango Asia Trans & Company$8.00Lowest Price

Our favorite tropical fruit dusted with Li Hing Mui (dried salted plum) powder. Our dried mango strips are soft and chewy and taste both sweet and tangy. As Hawaiians would say, "It's broke da mouth,"...

#17 Li Hing Mui Guava 3 Pk 3/4 Oz$18.45Lowest Price

Like Guava? Then try these moist strips of dried guava that have been marinated in a Li hing mui (plum) sauce prepared by Asia Trans & Co.