The History of Coffee in Hawaii

Hawaii is now known for its coffee industry. It is the only member state of America produces an enormous amount of coffee every year. Hawaii can approximately produce 6,600,000 pounds of coffee every year. The Hawaiian coffee actually has many varieties. At present, the Hawaiian coffee industry is continuously growing because of the expansion of 790 coffee farms.

The presence of coffee in Hawaii started in 1825 when the governor of Oahu visited Brazil. The governor bought some coffee seedlings in Hawaii. The coffee seedlings were then used by John Wilkinson, a famous agriculturist. He successfully planted some coffee orchard in Oahu. Using the seedlings from the trees that Wilkinson planted, coffee farms started to multiply in the Kona region. Coffee production became a hit during the mid-1800s. In fact, coffee production was the second most profitable crop for farmers during that time. The profit that farmers got from coffee was very close to the profit that they got from sugar cane. Unfortunately, the local market had deteriorated after some years which led to the fall of the coffee industry. The coffee was revived again in 1861. The total coffee exports in 1861 was 49,000 pounds. The increase in coffee production was felt up to 1870 when the coffee exports rose up to 452,000 pounds. But when 1877 came, coffee exports drastically fell. The fell caused the coffee production to decrease by 66 percent.

Hawaiian coffee became popular again in 1912. Hawaii was already part of the United States of America in 1898. In 1912, the price for coffee recovered and the coffee farmers started producing more coffee. Now, Hawaiian coffee is grown in four regions of Hawaii. These four regions include Kona, Kauia, Molokai and Maui. The growing condition of coffee in coffee farms in Hawaii varies. Farms in the Kona region are at a lower level of elevation than other arabica farms. And there are also coffee farms that are lower than Kona. Fortunately, almost all the regions in Hawaii have suitable weather for coffee production.

The Hawaiian coffee became popular because of its different grades. The Hawaii Agricultural Society decided to do an inspection to all Kona coffee, the most popular type of Hawaiin coffee, before it can be sold in order to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee. After the inspection, the coffee will fall under one of the five grades. These five grades are Kona Extra Fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona Number 1, Kona Select and Kona Prime. The grading system will depend on the coffee's shape, size, moisture content and the number of defects it contains. Kona Extra Fancy, the highest grade, has the most moisture-heavy, largest and blemish-free coffee beans. Even the famous Starbucks, uses Kona Extra Fancy beans so that they can provide high quality to their customers. Kona Extra Fancy coffee beans are also the most expensive type of Kona coffee. The second best coffee is the Kona Fancy. The third is the Kona Number 1. And Kona Select and Kona Prime are the fourth and fifth coffee grades respectively. All grades of Kona coffee are indeed good. Grades only differ because some coffee beans have better characteristics than other coffee beans.

Moreover, the popularity of Hawaiian coffee has already reached the world. Hawaii was reported to produce 7.5 million pounds of coffee last 2008. The coffee from Hawaii is not only consumed by Americans. Coffee farmers are also exporting the coffee that they produce to many countries around the world. Large businesses that make use of coffee, such as Starbucks, prefer to use the coffee from Hawaii because of its unique taste. People who know more about coffee say that the Kona coffee in Hawaii is the best coffee in the world because the Kona coffee is commonly grown in rich volcanic soil. The Kona coffee farms are very near to the active Mauna Loa volcano. Also, the island in Hawaii are covered from intense sunlight and the coffee plants are properly nourished by farmers. Because of this, Hawaiian coffee is being patronized by many coffee lovers all around the globe.

Indeed, Hawaiin coffee has a rich history. The love of coffee farmers for coffee led to the production of the world's best coffee. They all contributed to the success and popularity of Hawaiian coffee. Now, the large production of coffee in Hawaii greatly helped their economy. The taste of Hawaiian coffee is truly remarkable. So try some Hawaiian coffee now and fall for its remarkable taste.

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