Rice Crackers and Peanuts

Rice crackers and peanuts | Photo by quinnanya

Rice Crackers

With its origins in the Japanese that migrated to Hawaii, crackers as a snack item are a pretty big deal on The Islands. One of the most popular is the rice cracker.

Made from wheat flour, glutinous rice, and soy sauce; rice crackers are both simple in their make-up and surprisingly complex in their taste (mostly savory, sometimes sweet). Rice crackers have grown to the point of popularity where they have also been seen added to items like popcorn for a truly Hawaiian snack.

Below, you will find the most popular rice cracker items available right now.

#1 Hawaiian Mix Arare Crackers From Tomoe Brand$28.77Lowest Price

Enjoy Tomoe Brand Mix Arare Rice Crackers the perfect Hawaiian snack Giant plastic jug of arare weighing almost 2 1/2 pounds! Contains no MSG and is Fat Free Tomoe Brand Arare makes a great addition to popcorn while...

#2 Premium Mixed ARARE in Resealable Bag, LARGE 42 OZ Total...$29.98Lowest Price

Premium Mix Arare Rice Crackers. A variety of shapes and flavors. Japanese style rice crackers are crunchy and slightly salty. Three 14 Ounce Bags. Enjoy brand from Hawaii, USA.

#3 Enjoy Sakura Arare Rice Crackers, 8 Ounce$11.61Lowest Price

Enjoy Sakura Arare Rice Crackers. Each piece is shaped like a Sakura (Cherry) blossom flower. This Japanese style rice cracker tastes great all by itself or added to popcorn. Comes in 8 Ounce bag.

#4 Enjoy Mix Arare 8 Oz$10.90Lowest Price

Enjoy Brand Premium Mix Arare. Comes in an 8 oz resealable bag! Arare, or Japanese rice crackers, can be enjoyed many different ways. Try on popcorn, with chocolate, or even on a salad!

#5 Island Princess Choco Mochi Chocolate Covered Japanese Rice Crackers 1.5...$14.55Lowest Price

Chocolate Covered Japanese Rice Crackers New salty, savory, sweet and crunchy combination! Our special rich milk chocolate covers crunchy Japanese Rice Crackers that are also known as Arare or Kaki Mochi crackers. A new local...

#6 Enjoy Red Iso Peanuts, 8 Ounce$10.96Lowest Price

Red Iso Peanuts. Japanese style iso peanuts covered lightly with nori seaweed. Enjoy brand from Hawaii, USA. Perfect for party snacks, adding to popcorn and trail mix. 8 Ounce resealable bag.

#7 Enjoy Hawaii Snacks$10.90Lowest Price

Enjoy Hawaii Snacks -- perfect for those who are looking for local style snacks.

#8 Enjoy Mixed Arare Rice Crackers, 14 Ounce$14.70Lowest Price

Premium Mix Arare from Enjoy brand. Comes in a 14 oz resealable bag. These Japanese rice crackers are crunchy and slightly salty. Enjoy them as a snack or bring them to a party instead of...

#9 NORI KOMAKI Rice Cracker$13.73Lowest Price

Japanese rice crackers flavored with shoyu and then wrapped in nori seaweed. Satisfyingly crunchy and salty. Try them as an alternative to potato chips.

#10 Mixed Arare Rice Crackers$9.99Lowest Price

Premium Mixed Arare Rice Crackers are crunchy and just a little salty. They're the perfect addition to popcorn or a great alternative to potato chips. The mixed variety arare comes in an assortment of shapes...

#11 Enjoy Wasabi Iso Peanuts, 8 Ounce$11.12Lowest Price

Enjoy Wasabi Iso Peanuts. Japanese style rice cracker with a peanut inside. Makes a great snack. Add to popcorn, trail mix, and party platters.

#12 Enjoy Shoyu Iso Peanuts, 8 Ounce$14.76Lowest Price

8 oz. bag of Enjoy Shoyu Peanuts

#13 Enjoy Shinagawa Maki Arare Rice Cracker, 4 Ounce$14.90Lowest Price

Enjoy Shinagawa Maki Arare Rice Crackers. Each piece of arare, or rice cracker, is wrapped with Nori Seaweed. Instead of chips, try taking these to your next party! Add to your favorite trail mix, popcorn,...

#14 Enjoy Hawaii Omiyage Set$18.98Lowest Price

An omiyage is a present you give to family, coworkers, and friends after getting home from a trip. These brightly colored Omiyage boxes contain individually wrapped snacks, perfect for solo snacking or sharing. Box measures...

#15 Enjoy Hawaii Snacks Li Hing Mixed Arare Rice Crackers 8...$9.89Lowest Price

This delicious mixed arare is dusted with Li HIng powder for a savory taste. From Enjoy Hawaii Snacks. 8 oz. bag.

#16 Enjoy Nori Komaki Rice Crackers, 6.5 Ounce$12.56Lowest Price

Enjoy Nori Komaki Rice Crackers are individually wrapped with Nori (Seaweed). A popular Japanese and Hawaiian favorite. This delicious Nori Arare is a great snack and addition to popcorn, trail mix, and party platters.

#17 Enjoy Nori Seaweed Iso Peanuts, 8 Ounce$11.36Lowest Price

Nori Seaweed Iso Peanuts. Enjoy brand from Hawaii, USA. Japanese style rice cracker snack. Add to party platters or your favorite popcorn and trail mix. 8 Ounce resealable bag.

#18 Aloha Gourmet Li Hing Arare Rice Crackers Snack 6.5 oz...$10.32Lowest Price

This savory snack is from Aloha Gourmet in Hawaii. Li Hing Arare Rice Crackers 6.5 oz bag

#19 Japanese Arare Rice Crackers Imperial Mix 6 Ounces (2 Bags)$18.49Lowest Price

Enjoy Imperial Mix Arare Rice Crackers. These rice crackers come in a variety of shapes and flavors. Great party snack. Add to popcorn, trail mix, and party platters.

#20 Tomoe Brand Sakura Arare Rice Crackers Hawaii Snacks 2 Bags...$16.37Lowest Price

2 bags of Tomoe Brand Sakura shaped rice crackers.