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Hawaiian Sweets and Treats

Hawaiian candy and sweets, in general, are pretty unique in the culinary world. They both are rooted in native Hawaiian culture and the numerous ethnic groups that have made Hawaii their home. These groups have come together to produce some of the most delicious ("ono" in Hawaiian) treats out there.

We here at OnoCandy, are here to introduce you to a world of treats and to help you possibly find a few new favorites.

Enjoy the journey!

Below, you will find the most popular Hawaiian treats available right now.

#1 Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips, Luau BBQ, 16 Ounce$4.99Lowest Price

The front of the bag boasts Sweet and Spicy but many customers say it is sweet and sassy, either way your taste buds will jump for joy when you bite into this delectable flavor. For...

#2 Kauai Kookie Chocolate Chip Macadamia.$8.99Lowest Price

Kauai Kookies Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut

#3 Kauai Kookie Guava Macadamia 5 Ounce$9.86Lowest Price

Kauai Kookies Guava Macadamia Nut

#4 Kauai Tropical Syrup Hawaiian Haupia Luau Pudding Squares, 8 Ounce$8.00Lowest Price

Made in Hawaii. Easy to make. Just add hot water. Taste of Fresh Coconuts, like Homemade, All Natural Powder Mix. Makes great Coconut Pudding Squares used in Hawaii for Luaus. Known in Hawaii as Haupia....

#5 Kauai Kookie Kona Coffee Macadamia 5 oz.$8.27Lowest Price

Kauai Kookies Kona Coffee Macadamia Nut

#6 Hawaiian Kettle Chips Variety Bundle: (1) Mango Habanero Kettle Style...$19.99Lowest Price

Discover a new world of flavor when you crunch into Hawaiian Style Potato Chips. These crispy, golden chips are cooked to perfection, then seasoned with just the right amount of Mango Habanero, Sweet Maui onion,...

#7 Kauai Tropical Syrup Hawaiian Instant Kulolo Luau Taro Pudding, 5.6...$8.99Lowest Price

Luau Taro Pudding made with 100% Hawaii Taro. Kulolo is a traditional Hawaiian Favorite. It tastes like Homemade and is an all Natural Powder Mix. Just Add Water. Makes 16 servings.

#8 Hawaiian Shell Leis 12 Pack Courie Twin$21.99Lowest Price

Handmade shell leis. 12 lei strands in this offer. Each 17 inches in length. Great for your next party. Made from real sea shells.

#9 Noh Food Hawaiian Mixes Luau (2 Pack)$5.99Lowest Price

Make Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Using NOH Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Mix. What you need: 1 pkg. NOH Haupia (Hawaiian Coconut Pudding) Mix 1 cup water Combine contents of package with 1 cup of water and stir...

#10 Hawaiian Luau BBQ Onion Ring Chips 4 oz each (1...$9.99Lowest Price

Bursting with the sweet and spicy flavor of traditional Hawaiian barbecue, these crispy onion ring chips are baked until golden, then seasoned to perfection.

#11 NOH Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Haupia Luau Dessert Mix Large 3...$28.74Lowest Price

Island flavors abound in our Noh Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Haupia. A traditional luau dessert, this tropical coconut pudding is so easy to make, you can create your own paradise at home anytime.

#12 One Potato Two Potato, Hawaiian BBQ Kettle Potato Chips, 2...$16.00Lowest Price

Mahalo to the south pacific for sharing your sweet and tangy flavors with us. Come, kick back, enjoy the sun and BBQ at our luau. We're sure you'll savor every bite! So relax, the flavor...

#13 Stryve Protein Bites$8.99Lowest Price

FLAVORFUL AND DELICIOUS: Stryve protein bites are all natural and slow baked for a consistently soft, never greasy texture. Real fruit pieces in each bite give these snacks a flavor that is truly unmatched.

#14 Hawaiian Candy Lei$7.99Lowest Price

PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Bring aloha spirit to any special occasion, including graduations, welcome home events, special dinners and parties, and more!

#15 Kettle Brand Potato Chips Hawaiian Barbeque in Avocado Oil 6.5...$12.49Lowest Price

Ginger infused sea salt and a familiar smoky sweetness nicely complement the fresh potato taste of thick-cut chips and mild avocado oil, bringing back memories of a Hawaiian luau or a hot summer evening. -...

#16 Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips$18.93Lowest Price

Sweet and spicy BBQ flavors in old fashioned kettle style chips

#17 Hawaiian, Kettle Style Potato Chips, Luau BBQ, Sweet & Spicy,...$20.99Lowest Price

2 x 16oz Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips Luau BBQ Sweet Spicy (2 Pounds Total). Brand new & sealed in factory packaging. Two bags per order. Net weight 16oz (1 pound) per bag. Crispy &...

#18 Hawaiian, Luau BBQ Rings, 4oz Bag (Pack of 2)$17.06Lowest Price

Hawaiian, Luau BBQ Rings, 4oz Bag (Pack of 2)

#19 One Potato Two Potato Chips Hawaiian BBQ 2 oz -...$28.50Lowest Price

Mahalo to the south pacific for sharing your sweet and tangy flavors with us. Come, kick back, enjoy the sun and BBQ at our luau. We're sure you'll savor every bite! So relax, the flavor...

#20 Hawaiian Rings$41.16Lowest Price

Crispy golden rings with sweet and spicy bbq flavor